WM Model Workshop

Who we are

WM Model Workshop co., Ltd was founded in 2009. We are a group of people who are passionate and love mechanical equipment. In 2010, we made the first KJ-66 jet engine according to the drawings, and its parts have been selling well to all of the world. In these 10 years, all of us have been busy with our own work. Now we come back and continue to provide you with popular mechanical objects. At the same time, we are also happy to help you to fabricate mechanical parts.


Our Projects

Here we list all of our ongoing projects, as well as some parts that you need, you can purchase these parts to complete these projects We only charge the cost of fabricate these parts with a very low profit.

KJ-66 Turbine Jet engine

The goal of this project was to design and manufacture a small turbine engine KJ-66. The manufactured components included:  turbine, stator, diffuser, compressor inlet, shaft, outer casing, combustion chamber, fuel distributer, exhaust nozzle, etc.

Relative products

Wood gas Stove

Camping is very popular recently. Many people put aside their busy work in the city and come to the wild to avoid the flow of people and viruses. Camp in wild, a perfect wood stove is essential. We just made a prototype stove and it is still improving. Our goal is to make a wood stove that can be used for multiple purposes.

Relative products